Rebranding to nkeor

05 September 2023 - Namkhai B.

After a few years of going by forkbomb9, I felt like was time to change.

I wanted something a bit more unique, easier to spell out to non-tech people and closer to my actual name.

I am now nkeor.

What will this mean in the short term?

I will be gradually renaming all my accounts from forkbomb9 to nkeor.

Links to my social profiles will be update, and the old usernames will hopefully forward to the new one. (e.g. Telegram, GitHub, GitLab, etc.)

Any services or sites hosted on will gradually return a 301 Permanent Redirect to its counterpart on

The old site will stay up indefinitely.

GitHub repos

My username changes, but I will create a org to prevent squatting. That means all existing git clones will continue to work as usual, although I'd recommend you update the remote url to point to the new username.